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Pre-Op Discussion

Sunday, September 20, 2015

In a pre-op discussion with my wife's surgeon, she turned her attention to my needs. Addressing how I would be kept informed, she said, "Of course, you will be in the waiting area worrying..." I immediately said, "I won't be doing that." She looked at me quizzically, and I said, "I won't do that to myself, to my wife or to you. I'll be sitting by the water, reading and believing for great outcomes. I refuse to worry. Call me when you have information." That was that! We have choices. Metaphorically, we can choose life, or we can choose death with every idea that crosses our minds. We expand, or we contract with what we believe in our thought life. We mentally give birth to good, or we lay it to rest in each moment that we're thinking. I'm not perfect at it just yet, but I'm working on giving birth to good, choosing life and expanding in all of its rich and infinite forms. I trust that you are too.

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