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Fun, and More Fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So, I’m talking with a career professional and business owner, and he tells me, “I have to learn some ways to have fun.” Now mind you, this is after his telling me all of the exciting new ways he was getting to express his professional passion, the creative growth of his business, and emerging team relationships where, as he said, “Peace is breaking out all over.” I said, “By the sound of it, I thought you WERE having fun!” Folks, beware of dichotomies and artificial distinctions. Fun is where we find it, and we always find what we're looking for, typically right where we're looking. Give yourself a treat, and look for all the ways that you are truly having fun as you “work” today. Believe me, it will be a game changer if you’re diligent in your search. Work isn’t in one place, with fun in another place altogether. I mean, I think there’s “fun”, and then there’s “more fun”! The "work and then fun" distinction is a lie. Please, don’t leave work to look for fun until you look for fun right where you work! And when you’re done finding “fun”, finding “more fun” will be easy to do.

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