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Tiny Little Bell

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

As I began a telephone consultation with a client, he cautioned me. “I’m home today because my little girl doesn’t feel well. I gave her a ‘tiny little bell’ to ring if she needs me while I’m on the phone.” He assured me, “Don’t worry, you’ll barely hear it.” I thought that was so special! I thought it was beautiful and I said, “That’s kind of what we do with our loved ones. We give them a figurative ‘tiny little bell’ to hang on their hearts so only we can hear their quiet rings of desire or need”. If we love, then we keep “mental room” for our loved ones, always maintaining a “track of vigilance” for what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, what they need… Always tuning an ear for the subtle ringing of that “tiny little bell”. This is a characteristic of relating that makes all of our loving relationships so uniquely special, and ever growing. As for me, I hang “tiny little bells” on the hearts of my loved ones, listening for the unspoken desires and needs that only my touch can fulfill. How about you?

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