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Simple Encouragement® brings you Simply Encouraging® Expressions that stimulate and encourage your highest calling. Be real. Be encouraged!

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Simple Encouragement Book Series

The Simple Encouragement® Movement - “A Quiet Cause”

Three brief interactions. Three simple stories. Three changed lives. This is the Simple Encouragement® Movement, but it might be more accurate to call it “A Quiet Cause”. More than a “movement” I think of Simple Encouragement® as a “quiet cause” that will tend to happen one interaction at a time. This process can seem incredibly slow, but the impact is profound, life-changing, and exponential in nature. Remember, Simple Encouragement is a worldview to be embraced and lived out to its fullest expression. This takes mindfulness, and it takes time. Simple Encouragement is never in a hurry, and it never has a goal since its motive is love. Simple Encouragement is a tender way of being with others. Simple Encouragement is intimate, always seeking to know and to be known. Putting on “transcendent glasses” that see into the potential, pain, and darkness of others is a quiet action, but deeply transformative for all concerned. In fact, it’s downright loving.

What you have been reading is largely excerpted from the first edition of the Simple Encouragement® Book Series. I anticipate that it will be available by the end of the year, but here is the more important point. I believe that as I have loved and encouraged you enough to bring this “mystically practical” exercise of Simple Encouragement into focus, you are now touched in a way that will make you more tender and simply encouraging with someone upon your path today. Isn’t that profound! You will be naturally more loving today because you have received the love and clarity of these words. This is the Simple Encouragement® Movement and yes, it is indeed “A Quiet Cause”.