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The personality behind this site is author, speaker, counselor, and photographer, Thomas Waterhouse.

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My Little Balloon

Thursday, April 07, 2016

I teach kids about a little balloon that they have deep inside of their hearts. It expands to “good things,” and it contracts to “bad things.” I ask them what their “balloon” does when a friend asks them to play. They always say, “It gets big!” I ask them what happens to their “balloon” when their mom and dad have an argument. They always say, “It shrinks.” Children are so naturally spiritual, and spiritually knowing until we teach them to think. Thinking is good to solve a problem, but our “heads” should never override “our little balloon.” You see, adults have a “balloon” too! It's our spirit, and it has the capacity for knowing things that we cannot possibly know in our heads. As I approach a situation or a person, I simply experience “my little balloon.” If it expands, I move forward; if it contracts, I stop, and sometimes, I pull back. It makes life real simple for me.

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