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The personality behind this site is author, speaker, counselor, and photographer, Thomas Waterhouse.

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Safe People

Thursday, March 03, 2016

We all need safe people around us. Safe people are self-aware. They immediately note their impact upon others, and they desire only to be a positive influence in the world. They always seek truth, so their spirit is open and graceful. Their relationships reflect a natural "mutuality", so if something bothers you, it will be their concern. They truly believe that “I am yours, and you are mine” but emphasize more of the “you” and less of the “me”. Safe people see your potential, and they celebrate. They see your hurt, and they nurture those tender places. Safe people see your dark side, and they love you into the light. They seek to “know” and to “be known”, and intimacy comes easy for them. Safe people have a natural sequence of experience that is always looking upward, inward, and only then, outward. This makes them guided more by their heart than by their psyche. It’s natural to seek safe people, but our striving should be in the direction of becoming that way! It’s challenging, but very rewarding work.

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